Jan. 2018,  NOTICE !!  SmugMug has DROPPED the "NO CROP" or "NONE" option for buying photos.  If you want to be able to buy uncropped images, please WRITE TO SMUGMUG RIGHT NOW, AND ASK THEM TO RESTORE THE "NO CROP" OPTION FOR BUYING PHOTOS.


Feb. 2018 - Since SmugMug is dragging their feet at returning the "NO CROP" option to the Shopping Cart, we are reformatting images to an 8x10 aspect ratio with white space at the top and bottom.

Both original and reformatted images will be shown.  So you can purchase whichever best suits your needs.

The images on this site are for sale by the SPH&TS.  A wide variety of image sizes and types can be viewed by clicking the "Buy Photos" button in each Gallery.  Photographic prints as well as posters, framed images and household items like coffee mugs and mouse pads are available.  Just follow the steps to select your images and items and complete the shopping cart check-out process.

BE AWARE: Most of the images here are wider than a standard print size aspect ratio.  In the purchasing process, you will be shown how the image will be cropped to fit whatever size print you choose, BUT you are not initially shown the crop option of "None" which would put white space above and below the image.  That option of "None" does appear when you view items in Your Shopping Cart, so be sure to get the crop you want before finalizing your order.

For security reasons, the images displayed on this site are reduced resolution from the original scan.  The purchased images are at the full original scan resolution.  To see the size of the original digital scan, click the "Info" icon (circle with an "i" in the center) at the bottom right of the Gallery pages.

The sales, production and shipping of items for sale here is handled completely by SmugMug and its vendors.  The vendors involved work to the highest professional standards.  A portion of each sale is sent to the SPH&TS to further the work of the Archives Committee and the Society.

Thank you for supporting the SPH&TS, and we hope you enjoy your purchases.

The SPH&TS Archives Committee